Condor Enterprises and its professional divisions are poised to provide you with all the defensive and security solutions you require. Our knowledge, consultancy and teaching resources are dedicated to finding the right security solutions for your challenges and are processed by our professional and experienced staff in order to construct an optimal security apparatus or resolve any number of security difficulties.

Our focus is on providing defensive capabilities that assist individuals and organizations when navigating the turbulent waters of today’s security arena. All of Condor’s consultancy services and training programs are guided by our high professional standards, extensive knowledge and experience in the field of security.

Condor maintains at all times a high level of research, analysis and assessment of our products in order to ensure our customers receive the very best, cutting-edge services. Condor strictly adheres to the security profession’s core values and principles, and sets internal standards and regulations for certification. In addition to our compliance with all IMOD regulations, Condor has a clear policy concerning consultancy services and certification and diplomas for our qualifications.

Condor’s security doctrine was established to serve security and intelligence operatives in acquiring the advanced skills for heading sensitive operations and leading positions in national defense and homeland security.