Condor provides consulting and training in a wide range of Counter Terror tactics required for protecting and safeguarding human lives and strategic assets.  Terror is one of the most horrifying and insidious phenomenon currently threatening western societies. Condor continues to be a leader in the battle against this form of terror, offering training for dismantling immediate threats by using a combination of intelligence and operational means.

Our solutions portfolio specializes in custom-tailored combat defense solutions against criminal and terrorist activities. The solutions are based on effective techniques specific to security related scenarios and are tailored to meet the requirements of non-lethal containment, as well as extreme situation engagement tactics.

All of Condor’s consulting services can be carried out through our office in Israel or at a client’s requested destination. In addition, for training, Condor has all the necessary facilities in order to instruct our professional courses in Israel, including combat equipment, lecture rooms, training camps, conference centers, academic materials, paintball simulation centers, firing ranges, accommodations and the required logistical infrastructure. We can, however, also offer our courses at a client’s requested destination.

Condor offers smart solutions for turnkey protective systems for vital compounds and sensitive facilities. Our services include an array of full scale solutions that integrate advancedvisible and clandestine means with state of the art technical systems. As part of our Global Security Alliance policy, Condor offers in conjunction with other organizations, special conferences, summits and lectures in different counter terror topics.