Condor adheres to being a leading provider of security services for the defense industry. The defense industry is faces numerous threats that are aimed at destroying the defense shield of national institutions, military, homeland security and corporate alignments. We believe that it is imperative to build specific security doctrines for securing the defensive alignment of modern societies.

This alignment is composed of various industries that require customized defense solutions that can function during routine and emergency situations. Our commitment to this goal has led Condor to devote unprecedented resources in defensive tactics that are exclusively designed for maximizing security methodologies.

Our concept of defense includes building offensive security tactics that can impede the adversary from challenging our line of defense and protect our interests. The offensive dimension of security is built upon extending our security activities outside our line of defense so that we can achieve Strategic Surprise, Containment, and Maximal Response far away from our security nucleus .

This doctrine allows us to isolate the problem and treat it surgically without jeopardizing our overall security. This doctrine can be applied to the different sectors of the defense industry. As a result, we have created separate interdependent divisions that address the defense issues on a specific basis. The secret to any security operation relies in finding the harmony and correct balance between the offensive and defensive dimensions.