Condor defines combat as the operational capability to neutralize and/or contain an attack from being carried in its total form.  This objective requires extensive resources that can be applied efficiently in order to have Combat Capabilities according to the above mentioned definition. These capabilities reflect our ability to understand the threats, the adversary tactics, and most importantly, to have realistic solutions that we can implement. Our system is based on a multi facet integration of physical, mental, cultural and psychological skills required in order to effectively prevent, deter and/or neutralize existing threats.

This integration is the essence of acquiring the ability to avoid unnecessary risks and to ability to know how to react in case of danger. We strongly believe that these capacities are the building block for selecting the appropriate decision making strategies and operational behavior in high risk areas.

Our concept is based on an operational matrix designed to fulfill all the required pieces of a given security puzzle. This operational concept is a derivative of Israel’s constant fight against multiple diverse adversaries in the national and international networks. In accordance, this reality allows our teams to test, modify and adapt our solutions to the diverse modus operandi in the law enforcement, corporate and organizational arenas.

Condor has a multi disciplinary combat doctrine approach regarding the numerous typologies and applications of operating in high risk areas. We understand that this requires specialized resources and manpower in order to maximize operational objectives. We strongly believe that only a wise combination of strategic and tactical guidance with extensive realistic training can bring efficient and productive results.