Condor is proud to announce the opening of a career department for security specialists. Our client and trainee database is continuously expanding and often our projects require international security specialists. In addition, Condor aspires to develop professional ties with additional law enforcement and corporate organizations in an effort to share operational knowledge for effective prevention, neutralization and deterrence of diverse threats.

The Condor Career Department relies on the extensive operations of its divisions which specialize in different spheres of activity.Condor strives to engage in serious international projects that require integration and custom tailored specifications. Our career alignment has different cooperative channels that you may select from and send us your proposals, ideas, CV, and additional relevant information. Please specify the context of your proposal according to the following list.


Cooperative Channels

  1.  Business Development
  2.  Operative Positions
  3.  Representations on specific projects
  4.  Partnership
  5.  Joint Ventures

Please send all your inquiries to