Condor is at the forefront of security both in Israel and internationally, we have acquired immense experience and have learned to operate in the governmental, homeland security, intelligence, combat and corporate sectors. Our teams are strongly motivated individuals which strive to better themselves the whole time and study the adversary. We hope to share our know how with our clients and always seek to improve our professional standards.


Objective delivery

The delivery of a solution is important but the real question to ask is whether the objectives were attained? The objectives are the guiding element to understanding if a solution is good. Condor adheres to a very strict internal objective delivery policy. We closely study our clients and define the security objectives that should be achieved. When this data is defined, then operational resources are devoted and finding the most suitable system for reaching the goal.

The expertise lies in this definition, understanding of the methodology and objective delivery. There are no short cuts and Condor believes that this methodology is mandatory if objectives are to be delivered to a client. Our self awareness and professional etiquette forces us to work according to this methodology and reinforces our commitment and search for optimal solutions.


Strategy & analysis

Condor has invested extensive resources in the development of strategic security policy making. Condor’s Institute specializes in turnkey strategy and policy making in sensitive areas of security. Our teams are composed of senior strategy analysts, researchers, scholars, military personnel, and operatives that generate a think tank that is unique in its understanding of global security problems.

Condor works in close cooperation with some of Israel’s leading strategic centers in an effort to integrate strategy and operations under one umbrella. We believe that this symbiosis serves as a strong research and innovation ground for sharing intelligence and addressing global security issues collectively. Our strategic security qualifications are given by Israel’s elite in conjunction with leading international strategic institutions and its researchers.


Smart Solutions

Condor is devoted to supplying and processing Smart Solutions that do not require complex modifications of existing platforms. Instead our operational and technical teams look for building solutions that improve the existing intelligence and security mechanisms and counter new and/or additional threats. This smart solution apparatus ensures clients quick results without radical changes and cost effective applications that are feasible. This process can only be achieved through extensive knowledge of the adversaries’ modus operandi. Smart Solutions must address not only the client but the adversary as well.

The smart solution formula encompasses a wise line of action within the organization’s security requirements and, most importantly, a platform of security solutions that are difficult for the enemy to learn and incapacitate our defense. This combination allows for adversaries to select other entities as their targets because it is difficult to study our security system and develop attack policies. Therefore, a smart solution is a double standard requirement. Condor specializes in the development of double standard security solutions.


Designing a security system

Condor believes that there is an operational consensus regarding the importance of designing security systems. However, the problem lies in designing the right security system for each specific organization. The operational consensus does not attribute that there is an agreed security system that fits many organizations. There are numerous parameters that dictate which security system fits which client. Condor’s unique approach and experience resides in our ability to dissect the intelligence required for understanding the organization’s activity, its adversaries and build a security solutions algorithm that surgically fits the respective project.

When this critical phase is achieved, a specific security plan must be formulated that addresses all horizontal and vertical vectors of the organization’s structure. The next phase involves implementing the selected human and technical solutions so they function and address the specific threats. Condor believes that the right solution lies in this process and is the building block to operational efficiency and cost effectiveness.


Specialized Unit

The concept of a special unit is universal and there is a consensus that special units have to do special things. Condor defines special units as operational squads that can define objectives and reach them. Well, according to this definition, we cannot say that all special units achieve this objective. Condor consulting and training services can build/train and upgrade special squads defining special objectives and reaching them. This process is done by applying a very surgical approach to security and becoming the best at it.

This process enhances our professional capabilities but we also develop means for bringing results to the table. The results are tangible provided the training methodologies are in accordance with strict knowledge of the adversary and development of parallel solutions to the modus operandi.