The Condor Executive division specializes in unique custom tailored solutions that are the product of extensive experience in the separate and independent disciplines within executive protection.

Our instruction teams and certified consultants specialize in specific areas of executive protection that are imperative for supplying complete solutions. Our operative teams stem from specialized departments within the executive protection branch and do not mix or combine their knowledge to areas which are not their home ground. However, we provide each project a 360 degrees cover by involving experts from different fields in order to elaborate the project’s success and costumer’s contentment.

The executive protection personnel are graduates of the best elite law enforcement, dignitary protection and security units in Israel. These professional personnel have an extensive experience in VIP protection methodologies designated for different types of clients as law enforcement officers, governmental diplomats and corporate executives. Moreover, their vast knowledge includes in-depth understanding regarding the special operational needs for VIP protection in different locations worldwide, including in high risk areas.

This division’s main guideline is to ensure maximum security and safety of the protégé while providing him the ability to maintain his daily routine as well as his personal privacy and welfare. By combining great know-how in intelligence work, preliminary planning strategies, field operations, surgical training and the additional disciplines in executive protection , the Condor Executive serves as a full scale provider for VIP protection and executive security services.